Suffering is not sent to test our submissiveness, but is Nature’s inducement for us to engage more consciously and joyously with life … “

This provocative book offers an unsentimental solution to suffering: In it the author re-arranges medical priorities to match Nature’s ancient, even handed, logical and essentially simple formula for spiritual growth … and the healing that goes with it.

The main challenge is to fully realize we are individually responsible for all our past present and future experiences. To achieve this empowerment, however we need to abolish a number of persistent superstitions or misconceptions we have regarding pain, relationships and personal destiny.

The relief of suffering will become general when practitioners and educators can bring to the metaphysical laws of healing the same level of understanding that science has already brought to the laws of physics and chemistry.

Or in the words or Teilhard de Chardin:

“Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

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Praise for 2nd FIRE …

“… I must congratulate you on producing a work of considerable scholarship which promotes a whole new slant on health care.”

Dr Nick Lee – ex-editor SA Medical Journal

“I believe many of us are justified in feeling frustrated and vulnerable in the face of spiraling medical complexity and the associated costliness of treatment. Relly’s approach is fresh and may be challenging to medical conventions, but is well reasoned, and has, for me, an intuitive appeal. At the centre of his argument is self-responsibility and the supportive laws of nature – ideas which are very relevant to out times and our country ans are therefore very much in need of clarification.

Johan Degenaar – Emeritus professor of Philosophy, University of Stellenbosch